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Stephane Ostertag

Managing Director



Business-Risk Consulting is a privately owned risk consultancy firm registered in France aiming to advise and protect worldwide client in complex environment. Providing risk mitigation ,management and bespoke training solutions.

We offer "turn-key"solutions enabling NGO's,International Organizations and private companies to run their operations smoothly by providing a full range of Risk Management , Consultancy, Security, Secure tracked transportation and Internationally accredited training services worldwide.

Our expertise are conducted within Africa and Middle-East wide, using our unique family and ground connections. 

We are Risk Management Safety Consultant and Defensive Driver trainer

Specialist at working with both armored and non armored vehicles, with an emphasis on working and operating in hazardous and hostile environments.

We have provided training and advice for a broad range of companies and NGO’s ; from large media corporations to oil and construction multinationals, as well as international charities.

We have worked extensively in West Africa and the Middle East with NGO’s and humanitarian organisations providing them Awareness Training in a Hostile Environment (HEAT) and our Safety Defensive Driver Training(SDDT)both including Trauma First Aid skills and training.

Over 10 years of working in safety and security in hostile and fragile environments and gained our specialist skills in the area of safety driving and enhancing awareness generally.

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