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Responsible driving behavior

The content of this article is significant for everyone, as it emphasizes the idea that all of us can take action to minimize the daily expenses of our vehicles.

What steps can we take and what strategies can we employ to ensure safe and responsible driving on the road?

Firstly, it is important to understand why:

Given the current global trend of rising fuel costs and the escalating prices of automotive components(spare parts etc), it is now of utmost importance to search for ways to cut down on fuel consumption and find means to minimize wear on tires and brakes.

The consumption of fuel is associated with two major aspects: 

Financial expenses and Ecology, our carbon emission!

One way to do this is by practicing eco-driving and defensive strategies, which involves adopting driving techniques, behaviors that help reduce carbon emissions and reducing the wear of tires and brakes as much as possible.

The fact: It is important to keep in mind that tires and brakes usage results in pollution. 

The continuous utilization of these components leads to the emission of particles into the atmosphere and grounds, causing environmental deterioration.

It is essential to acknowledge that the emission of carbon and engine exhaust while a vehicle is in operation has a detrimental impact on the environment.

Having said that, what are the attitudes and techniques we can all apply to reduce vehicle's expenses and road risks?


By taking this approach, you can ensure that you are always prepared for any situations that may arise as you navigate through hazards.

You don't need to hurry and drive fast towards the red traffic light in front of you, do you? 

As you will inevitably have to brake hard and wait anyway. Instead, try to foresee what information/situation lies ahead and maintain the movement of your vehicle, but reduce its speed by manipulating the gear box instead of using the brake pedal.

This technique will have a significant impact in the reduction of brakes wear

- Drive relax and responsibly, respect the other road users

- Avoid sudden accelerations and braking 

One final point but very crucial is to keep in mind :

This behavior has become a wrong habit in all of us due to the continuous reduction in the resistance of power steering in modern vehicles.

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