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Topic 9 Sharing the Road Responsibly

Ensuring Safe and Smooth Passage | Saving Lives through Effective Strategies | Improving Urban Mobility | #RoadSafety

Sharing the road responsibly is more than a skill, it's a philosophy—one that requires a mix of anticipation, respect, and expertise. Professional drivers like those trained at Business-Risk Consulting practice this philosophy every day while navigating the bustling landscapes on their daily journey.

Consider the case of Michael, a typical driver we may train in any one of our available courses. Each day, Michael maneuvers through a vibrant mix of winding roads, dangerous traffic, bustling markets, and busy main streets in a vehicle.

He faces myriad challenges, from pedestrians dashing across roads to cyclists weaving through traffic, to smaller vehicles zipping around corners. Both Michael and his clients can feel confident tackling this intricate dance on the roads thanks to the thorough training he received during our Defensive Road Safety Driver Training, along with the rest of the courses our organization has to offer.

Examples of how Michael’s training and new skills helps him share the road responsibly include :

  1. Maintain a Safe Distance: During a routine drive, a cyclist ahead of Michael swerved suddenly to avoid a pothole. Thanks to the safe distance he maintained and the system of vehicle control (IPSGA) he applies, he was able to brake promptly, avoiding a potential accident. He learned the value of giving all road users enough space to maneuver, ensuring everyone’s safety.

  2. Master the Art of Anticipation: Michael operates in environments where both pedestrians and vehicles can appear seemingly out of nowhere. Our Road Safety Driver Training program has equipped him with the skills to stay two steps ahead, predicting potential hazards, and taking constant anticipation action in advance.

  3. Understand Your Blind Spots: Navigating crowded markets, Michael quickly realized that his vehicle's blind spots could hide a cyclist, pedestrian, or motorcycle. Constant vigilance, regular mirror-checks, and always assuming the presence of others in his blind spots have become crucial aspects of his driving habits with a constant 180° observation necessity!

  4. Be Visible, Day and Night: On a misty morning, Michael remembered the importance of using his headlights and indicators even in daylight. This habit ensures his vehicle’s visibility, allowing other road users to be aware of his presence and his intentions.

  5. Prioritize Training in First Aid: Witnessing a minor road accident, Michael was able to use his Trauma First Aid training to provide immediate help. In situations where immediate professional medical help may not be accessible, his ability to act swiftly and appropriately can make a crucial difference.

  6. Adopt a Patient Mindset: Patience on the road has become a necessity for Michael. Whether he’s waiting for a bustling crowd to clear or giving way to non-motorists, he’s learned to approach each situation with a calm and safe demeanor, adopting a respectful driving behavior to reducing potential road risks.

  7. Educate Yourself About Local Laws and Customs: With each region having its unique road etiquette, traffic conditions and sometimes local rules. Michael's understanding of local traffic laws and customs has helped him adapt and foster a sense of respect and cooperation among other road users.

Michael's experience underscores the transformative impact of comprehensive training provided by Business-Risk Consulting.

His journey on the roads is a testament to how our diverse range of training creates individuals who are well-rounded, vigilant, safer, and ready to meet any challenge the world may throw at them.

As Michael's story illustrates, the road to safety begins with training but extends far beyond. It's about taking responsibility, showing respect, and making choices that ensure the safety of everyone who shares our roads.

This philosophy is what guides us at Business-Risk Consulting and what we instil in our clients.

Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of a vibrant African city or the winding paths of a rural landscape anywhere, remember: the journey is just as important as the destination.

Make that journey safe, responsible, and respectful because, with the right training, you're not just prepared for the road—you're prepared for the world.

Let's all share the road responsibly. At Business-Risk Consulting, we are committed to making this philosophy a reality by empowering our students.

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