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Awareness Training Hostile Environment

Our Bespoke Awareness Training in a Hostile Environment

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Service Description

1. Awareness: “Awareness is the knowledge or preparation of a situation or fact” The goal of this training is to improve the knowledge, understandings, and reactions that Humanitarian staff need to acquire in order to assess, behave and manage their work environment and be able to pursue their mission. 2. Training: Training and repeat gestures/behaviours to master the necessary reactions and techniques to respond to crisis situations. Nowadays Humanitarian staff must face and encounter more often dangers and attacks against their actions in destabilised and sometimes fragile and remote locations where they will be alone with no support. 3. Hostile Environment: Humanitarian workers are increasingly exposed to challenging, insecure, remote and Hostile Environments due to instability, armed conflict, and terrorism so there’s a need for them to be adequately prepared for any dangers they may encounter in such fields. Our course includes the necessary topics delivered both in classrooms and in the field with realistic scenarios to enhance the student’s mandatory awareness, preparation, and operational needs.

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