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Are you looking to enhance your drivers skills and awareness, reduce their exposition to road risks, changing road safety behavioural management in order to reduce your fleet management costs and enable your drivers to be more efficient, have a safer and respectful approach while on the road.

We are fully operational to conduct Defensive Road Safety driving course with contextualised approach and syllabus.

Our driving courses are designed to fulfil the needs and enhance the skills of every driver or transport staff using either an Armored or Light vehicle within their specific context of operation.

This bespoke Road Safety program is delivered through theoretical lessons and on-road coaching sessions aimed at all drivers by improving and training them to be confident, respectful and safer drivers on the road.

Developing their motivation by coaching them to effectively be more proactive and enhance their safety and security awareness attitude while driving.

Our Defensive Road Safety Driver Training are conducted to avoid and reduce road traffic accident, correct unprofessional attitude and behaviours by providing a road safety awareness management policy enabling our participants to be more efficient and safe on the streets or roads and beyond reducing fleet management costs.

Our Defensive Road Safety Armoured Vehicle Driver Training is Quality Assured :

The training courses, materials, and content used in our training delivery have been externally assured by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

This means that our methods, content, and course delivery have undergone an independent and external review by RoSPA's training delivery specialists. These specialists have a background in advanced behavioural driver training and have ensured that the courses are relevant, have in- depth knowledge with specific content added, and meet international standards for our trainers' competencies and course delivery quality.

The course assurance badge is crucial because it confirms that our specific armoured vehicles course and content meet international standards and provide our students with high-quality methods to achieve those standards. 


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