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About Us

Business-Risk Consulting, a private risk consultancy firm based in UAE, specializes in advising and safeguarding global clients in complex environments through risk mitigation, management, and tailored training solutions.

Offering comprehensive "turn-key" solutions, we empower NGOs, international organizations, and private companies to seamlessly operate by providing an extensive array of risk management, consultancy, security, secure tracked transportation, and globally recognized training services.

Our expertise spans across Africa and the Middle East, utilizing our distinctive family and local connections to deliver outstanding results.

As risk management safety consultants and defensive driving trainers, we excel in working with both armored and non-armored vehicles, emphasizing operations in hazardous and hostile settings.

Our clientele includes a diverse range of companies and NGOs, from major media corporations and oil and construction multinationals to international charities.

We have an extensive track record of collaborating with NGOs and humanitarian organizations in West Africa and the Middle East, offering Awareness Training in Hostile Environments (HEAT) and Defensive Road Safety Driver Training (DRSDT), both incorporating Trauma First Aid skills and training.

With over a decade of experience in safety and security within hostile and fragile contexts, we have honed our expertise in safety driving and raising awareness in various situations.

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