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Bespoke Defensive Road Safety Program & Awareness Training HEAT Courses

Elevating Defensive Driving Training to New Heights

Empowering Humanitarian Efforts and Aids

As risk management safety consultants and defensive driving trainers, we excel in working with both armored and Light vehicles, emphasizing operations in hazardous and hostile settings.

Our clientele includes a diverse range of companies and NGOs, from major media corporations and oil and construction multinationals to international charities.

We have an extensive track record of collaborating with NGOs and humanitarian organizations in West Africa and the Middle East, offering Awareness Training in Hostile Environments (HEAT) and Defensive Road Safety Driver Training (DRSDT), both incorporating Trauma First Aid skills and training.

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Take a tour, dive into our comprehensive training packages and get certified.
We enhance your skills to help you embrace your challenges.

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Comprehensive training program that empowers humanitarians to effectively assess, navigate, and manage their work environment while successfully fulfilling their objectives.

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Real life simulations that prepare drivers with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to successfully navigate hostile situations and achieve their missions. This course is compliant with RoSPA standards.


Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and care for first aid, breathing and cardiac emergencies in adult, child and infant patients.

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Rigorous safety, first aid and security course that covers a wide range of subjects applicable to operating in areas of conflict, instability, risk burdened, remote and/or demanding environments.


Essential for humanitarian workers to be able to respond to difficult and sensitive situations in the field. Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage any crisis that may arise.

They Trust In Us

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