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Safeguard your staffs on the road by providing our unique Road Safety Defensive Driver Training program.

Over the past few years, Business-Risk Consulting has been developing its activities and training program in Road Safety and Defensive Driver Training, all with the intention of benefiting our partners so far in the Democratic Republic of Congo 🇨🇩, Mali 🇲🇱 , Sudan 🇸🇩 , Burkina Faso 🇧🇫, Sierra Leone 🇸🇱, Guinea 🇬🇳, Niger 🇳🇪, Haiti 🇭🇹, Mauritania 🇲🇷, Somalia 🇸🇴, and Cameroon 🇨🇲 

Your drivers are the responsible and they are therefore your assets:

  • Why should you safeguard your staffs on the road ?

  • Why should you take care of your driver's driving skills, attitudes and driving behaviors?

  • Why should you try to reduce your fleet management costs and carbon emission?

  • Why should you try to develop eco-driving and green driving throughput your staffs?

  • But overall, why is it so crucial to focus on your drivers, as they are the forefront of your organization representation in the country? 

Additionally, ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers is of utmost significance, and it is the organization's responsibility to guarantee they have the necessary training and resources to effectively handle any road-related circumstance. 

By investing in the safety of your drivers, you are not only safeguarding your employees but also your business. 

This can reduce the possibility of accidents, injuries, and fatalities, which can unfortunately result in substantial financial losses and legal liabilities. 

Furthermore, it can also boost employee morale and productivity, as they receive recognition and support from the organization.

Our Road Safety Defensive Driver Training program is designed to help organizations and their drivers improve their driving skills, enhance awareness, and adopt a safer and more respectful approach on the road. 

The program is aimed at reducing fleet management costs and elevating efficiency, and is fully operational and delivers a contextualized approach tailored to your specific context of operation. 

The course is compliant with RoSPA standards and has been externally assured by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

The program is suited for drivers of both armored and light vehicles, and combines theoretical lessons with on-road coaching sessions, fostering confidence, respect, and safety attitudes.

The aim is to enhance the capacity of drivers transporting humanitarian personnel and enable them to continue their activities in the field and on the road, where they are most exposed to road and safety risks. 

Road Safety Program based on drivers' behavior and attitude:

  • Are you concerned about road safety and road risks during your field missions and the behavior of your drivers?

  • Would you like to initiate a cost-cutting policy within your organization concerning your mission vehicles?

  • Would you like your drivers to be more respectful of other road users, so that they better represent your organization?

  • Finally, would you like to see a return on your investment in driver training?

Our specialized Defensive Driving and Driver Behavior-based Road Safety training program is designed to help you improve driver skills and awareness, reduce exposure to road hazards and change the management of road safety behaviors to reduce fleet management costs and enable them to be more efficient and safer on the road. 

Road accidents and fatalities are a major source of concern for transport authorities, road users in general, and drivers are on the front line every day!!!!

As a leading provider of road safety training for organizations and their vehicles, we understand the pressing need for a specific, long-term approach to road safety that goes beyond infrastructure measures and focuses on improving driver behavior. 

This is why we have developed specific defensive driving and road safety training programs/workshops for aid and development organizations, humanitarian agencies and transport professionals operating in difficult or high-risk road environments, as well as in hostile environments. 

Our tailor-made road safety program is delivered through theory lessons and on- and off-road coaching sessions for all drivers. 

We aim to play our part in enhancing and training our participants to become confident, respectful and safer drivers on the road, boosting their motivation by training them to be effectively more proactive, and improving their attitude to safety and security awareness while on the move.

If you want to carry out our #RoadSafety #Defensive #DriverTraining program throughout your organization, don't hesitate to reach out to us:

"We enhance your skills to help you embrace your challenges"

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